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Monday, July 4, 2011

INSP JULY Waltons Schedule

vaudeville to later success. Mon 7/4 5:00 PM

The Waltons "A Walton's Family Reunion" brings together the cast of the beloved series. Mon 7/4 7:30 PM

The Waltons John-Boy falls for a woman (Sian Barbara Allen) who left home to return to her father's house on Walton's Mountain. Mon 7/4 8:00 PM

The Waltons John-Boy and Grandpa play matchmaker for Olivia's visiting uncle, but the women disapprove of their choice. Mon 7/4 9:00 PM

The Waltons A soldier in Jason's group rediscovers his courage; the Godseys are called before the ration board; word comes of a German surrender. Tue 7/5 1:00 PM

The Waltons John-Boy invites Gypsies to camp on the Waltons' land, despite dire predictions; guest Gregory Sierra. Tue 7/5 8:00 PM

The Waltons John-Boy seeks city employment when a legal mix-up threatens the Waltons' lumber rights; guest Garry Walberg. Tue 7/5 9:00 PM

The Waltons John-Boy falls in love with a determined French girl; Cindy sees apparitions of Ben in the house, and then learns he's been captured. Wed 7/6 1:00 PM

The Waltons An illiterate woman (Lynn Hamilton) whose daughter is graduating from college asks John-Boy to teach her. Wed 7/6 8:00 PM

The Waltons John-Boy helps a blacksmith (Ned Beatty) write to a woman; Olivia neglects the family to sing in a choir. Wed 7/6 9:00 PM

The Waltons Jim-Bob, home on furlough, meets an old girlfriend (Jennifer Jason Leigh) claiming to be carrying his baby; Ben defies his captors. Thu 7/7 1:00 PM

The Waltons John-Boy's casual date for the movies decides to unleash her considerable feminine charms on him. Thu 7/7 8:00 PM

The Waltons John-Boy must choose between an important date and escorting a dying neighbor to a favorite seaside spot. Thu 7/7 9:00 PM

The Waltons As the war in Japan nears an end, Ben's captor makes an unexpected move; Jason can't commit to Toni; the Army turns down Drew. Fri 7/8 1:00 PM

The Waltons John-Boy heads for a mountain cabin to write, but ends up delivering an old schoolmate's (Sissy Spacek) baby. Fri 7/8 8:00 PM

The Waltons Planning a surprise for the family with the Baldwin sisters, Grandpa makes Grandma jealous. Fri 7/8 9:00 PM

The Waltons Ben returns with plans to study engineering; J.D. interrupts Erin's vacation; Cindy's father visits; John has bad news about Olivia. Mon 7/11 1:00 PM

The Waltons A widow accuses John of stealing while he was working in her mansion; guest Dennis Dugan. Mon 7/11 8:00 PM
The Waltons Widow Verdie Grant (Lynn Hamilton) seeks help to win an itinerant laborer (Hal Williams) with a young son. Mon 7/11 9:00 PM

The Waltons After accepting another man's (Richard Gilliland) proposal, Mary Ellen learns Curt may be alive; Jason reopens the Dew Drop Inn. Tue 7/12 1:00 PM

The Waltons John-Boy catches a friend stealing chickens, then learns that the man who was robbed has been shot. Tue 7/12 8:00 PM

The Waltons The family prepares for the county fair; Olivia has a visit from her childhood sweetheart (Peter Donat), now wealthy. Tue 7/12 9:00 PM

The Waltons Mary Ellen finds her husband, Curt (Scott Hylands), in Florida, but he's not the man she remembers; J.D. begs Erin to come back. Wed 7/13 1:00 PM

The Waltons A teenage orphan who once stayed with the Waltons returns with news of a tryout with a professional baseball scout. Wed 7/13 8:00 PM

The Waltons John-Boy becomes a rent collector for a neglectful, dishonest landlord; Erin nurses an orphaned fawn. Directed by Ralph Waite. Wed 7/13 9:00 PM

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